36L Kitchen Tidy Bag Roll of 50 x 20 Rolls (1000 bags)
44% OFF RRP $89.95
Chef Works -  Black Cool Vent Chef Jacket
RRP $49.95
ChefsCraft Pressed Stud L/S Jacket Black
RRP $32.00
ChefsCraft Pressed Stud L/S Jacket White
RRP $32.00
ChefsCraft Pressed Stud S/S Jacket White
RRP $30.00
Commercial Cookery Student Uniform
20% OFF RRP $81.00
Food And Beverage Uniform - Polo Shirt
32% OFF RRP $81.00
Combo Classic Food & Beverage + Polo Shirt
16% OFF RRP $95.00

The Chef Spot sale features some of our most popular items that are priced to meet your needs while saving you a pretty penny. We’ve got you covered from top to bottom, whether you’re looking for a hat, full apron or apparel for in between. Or if you're after catering equipment, kitchenware or something to show of your table settings - at Chef Spot we offer you high-quality gear at the best prices!