Cleaning & Hygiene - Colour Coded System

Date Posted:11 December 2018 

The purpose of Colour Coded Cleaning is to prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process.

The identification of cleaning equipment utilised in the different areas of a facility is considered essential. Clear identification, by colour coding, of the various items of cleaning equipment is considered the most effective method of restricting use of equipment to individual areas.


  • Toilets/Bathrooms/Dirty Utility Rooms - RED
  • General Cleaning - BLUE
  • Kitchen/Food Service/Preparation Areas - GREEN
  • Infectious/Isolation Areas - YELLOW


All items of equipment used in the various abovementioned areas are to be colour coded as indicated.  Equipment includes - mops dry, mops wet, mop handles, buckets, wringer buckets, gloves, cloths.

Colour Coded Cleaning & Hygiene Chart

Download our handy printable Cleaning & Hygiene - Colour Coded System Chart!

Cleaning & Hygiene Colour Coded System Downloadable Chart


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